We sell name brand bedding at discount prices. Think of the top name brands you have heard of (any of them start with "S"?) and we probably sell them, always pennies on the dollar. We aren’t allowed to advertise their names here, but call or come in and we’ll gladly tell you.


You see, often our price to the public is considerably less than wholesale. The major manufacturers from whom we buy our bedding rely on their regular retail accounts for business, and believe it or not, we don't wish to compete with or hurt the business of those stores. Why? Because the closeouts that we sell are only offered to a select few "approved" dealers nationwide, like us. In order to obtain this product at such deep discounts, we must abide by strict agreements with the manufacturers that limit our advertising. We have worked hard to gain the trust of these manufacturers and we don't want to lose it!


When you visit our store, you will immediately see that we sell legitimate, name-brand product. The same mattresses that you will find in major retail and department stores. Often they are not in perfect condition, the set may not match, or it may be last season's model. Thus the savings.



What Do We Sell?​

We are able to purchase bedding for pennies on the dollar from major manufacturers. There are a few reasons why our cost is so low:


  • Items may not be in perfect condition. Many of the items we receive are “scratch and dent” pieces. These are cosmetic blemishes only, and usually are the result of mishap during shipping.

  • No advertising. Companies often co-op advertising dollars to their retail customers in the form of advertising assistance, nice big beautiful store displays, product knowledge and training, etc. We get none of that, nor do we pay for it.

  • No special orders. What you see in inventory is what you get. If you like a mattress on the floor, that's the one you're taking home. We don't have the ability to order specific product. This means that our suppliers do not have the expense of processing small orders for us. These savings are, again, reflected in our cost.

  • We buy in quantity. We take full 53' trailers at a time, and our volume allows us to negotiate the lowest prices.

  • Multiple suppliers. We buy from plants and distribution centers all over the country, and therefore are never locked into pricing. We buy from whom we want, when we want, and only when the price is right.

  • Some items are not backed by the manufacturer's warranty. The warranty makes up a large part of a typical retail price. Even if you never cash in on it, it is costed based on the possibility that you may. Removing that factor removes a large portion of the cost. Items that are not covered by the original mfr warranty are marked such, usually stamped "No Warranty" somewhere thereon.


So just how cheap are our prices? Typically you can expect our prices to be about half off other stores' sale prices. It's not unusual to find a bargain at 80% or more off. Our prices are so low that we even wholesale to other furniture and bedding stores!



Why Are Your Prices So Low​?

No. Absolutely not. Never will.


You can shop with confidence knowing that we buy directly from the manufacturers and refuse to deal with second-hand bedding renovators. Having had many years' experience in the industry, we can even educate you on how to identify bedding that has been used, renovated, or recovered.

Do We Sell Refurbished Mattresses?​

My name is Kelly Charles. My husband Joe and I own and operate The Big Mattress Outlet. Please allow me to tell you a bit about how we came to sell mattresses.


Before opening BMO, I spent almost 15 years as an Operations Manager for the Simmons Bedding Company. In that capacity, I oversaw the liquidation of overstock bedding inventory for 15 manufacturing facilities and warehouses and as many as 30 satellite outlet locations. Of course I learned much about the bedding industry itself, and how to legitimately save consumers hundreds - even thousands - on their bedding purchases. As a result of this experience, I gained connections around the country that enable us now to obtain top quality product at pennies on the dollar.


While Simmons was a great company and I truly loved my job there, I’m just a small town North GA girl and never considered myself a “corporate type”. I had always dreamed of owning my own business. In 2012, the time was right and I made the transition to open my own store in Rome. 


Joe is my perfect partner, in life and in business. His passion and background are in the automotive industry - primarily Ford performance parts. As a part-time racer (currently NMRA Coyote Stock) and a long-time employee at Ford he has had fun playing with cars for the majority of his adult life. He has a great business mind, excellent customer service, and the drive to see a plan through. Shortly after our store opened, he left his job at Ford and joined me. Working together has been a real blessing for our family!


We both feel that good customer service is sadly lacking in many businesses, and it is our top priority to make it a rule here. We truly appreciate each and every person who walks in our door, becomes a Facebook fan, refers another customer to us, or in any other way helps support our business. By doing so, you are not helping a CEO get a third vacation home... You are helping us put food on the table, send our kids to college, and keep the lights and heat on at home.


We are proud to offer honesty, integrity, and service in our business. We have confidence in our product and pricing, and appreciate your trusting us with your bedding purchase.

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