How Often Should I Replace My Mattress?

Simply put: When you no longer sleep well on your old one.


There is no formula, although it is certainly to the benefit of the mattress industry to have you believe it’s necessary to replace every few years. Regardless of your bed’s age, if you sleep well in it and wake up feeling rested and refreshed, why would you change anything? “If it ain’t broke...”, right?


In all seriousness, if you answer “yes” to one or more of these questions, it may be time to consider replacement:


  • Do you toss and turn often through the night?

  • Do you have difficulty finding a comfortable position in which to sleep?

  • Do you wake up with aches and pains?

  • Do you still feel tired even after a proper amount of sleep?

  • Does your mattress have excessive lumps or sagging?

  • Does your mattress have any odors?

  • Does your mattress have excessive stains?


Your body will tell you when it needs better support at night. It needs proper alignment of your spine and neck to totally relax, which is essential to deep, restful sleep. If you still feel exhausted after a night’s sleep, it’s possible that your body never really got the deep sleep it needed because it spent the night trying to compensate for pressure points, poor circulation, or tight muscles.

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